Luis Enrique Lagos

2nd Vice President
Luis Enrique Lagos has been a long serving member of the community since 2006. Born in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, he is the youngest of three siblings from two Nicaraguan parents. He studied at Ave Maria University, Latin American Campus in San Marcos, Nicaragua and would later continue his education in Business and Marketing at Pasadena City College in California. During his time in Pasadena, Luis would discover his passion for Photography and start his first small business “Lewis Lakes Photography.” In 2022, he joined the Ontario Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (ONTHCC), a non-profit (501) (c) to connect with his community and provide his services to small businesses in branding and lifestyle photography. Two years later he became the youngest member of the ONTHCC to become 2nd Vice President and aims to improve local small businesses in the Hispanic community, promote cultural events and raise awareness of the William Rojas Scholarship Foundation.