Irene Denise Lopez

Public Affairs
As a dedicated professional in the fields of real estate and mortgage banking, Irene Denise Lopez brings a wealth of experience and passion to her roles. Currently serving as the Public Affairs Director for the Ontario Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Irene is committed to fostering strong community ties and supporting local businesses.

Born to a father who immigrated from Jalisco and a mother who was born and raised in California, Irene understands the value of hard work and perseverance. Her multicultural background has instilled in her a deep appreciation for diversity and community engagement, particularly within the Hispanic community.

Her dedication to helping the community is evident in every aspect of her work, as she continually seeks opportunities to support and uplift those around her. She is particularly passionate about empowering the Hispanic community, working tirelessly to provide resources, support, and advocacy to ensure their success and growth.

Furthermore, Irene is a business partner with Mava Branding & Marketing Agency, where she collaborates to provide innovative branding and marketing solutions. This partnership allows her to extend her reach and impact within the business community.

Irene's expertise in real estate and mortgage banking, combined with her passion for community service, commitment to the Hispanic community, and partnership with Mava Branding & Marketing Agency, makes her a vital asset to the Ontario Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the broader community.